Are YOU Ready To Play?

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a good, safe holidays thus far. It has been an unconventional year thus far and that includes our RCFHA season this year. Thank you for your patience and your understanding through these tough times.

RCFHA is continuing their hard work behind the scenes in planning for a season, in whatever capacity that is feasible, yet remains safe for all participants involved, all while following the rules outlined by the Provincial Health Officer and the orders outlined by both viaSport and the BC Government.

We have received some positive news from the School District that dependent on our Safety Plans and the conditions of sport in BC, that we may be able to obtain the schools for a modified season. Our plans are to start practices in February and games in March with our modified, physical distancing model outlined on our website. We would end off with our Tournament in the 2nd week of June. This timeline would allow us to operate during the tail end of the flu season, and we’re hoping at this point, conditions will somewhat improve after the winter time. We understand that there may be some hesitance to sign up for sports, but we are hoping that are safety measures that we will implement, in addition to our later start, will help alleviate some of these concerns. Some safety features we plan to implement as a part of a season would include the use of face shields on the floor during play, the use of face masks off the floor, a modified playing surface to limit interactions with others, physical distancing at the team benches, no spectators being present at any of the events, and a Safety Manager assigned to each team to ensure proper adherence to the guidelines and rules. For more information and detailed rules and guidelines we plan to follow, please visit our website ( or view the following safety plan attached.

Based on this timeline and our safety plans, we want to gauge the interest among potential registrants as to whether they would sign up to play for a season this year, based on the information provided. The link below is a link to a very short survey to help us gauge this interest. Please consider filling this out so we can have a good idea of the level of interest.

Link to the survey:

Thank you for your time and have a Happy Holidays!

Piradeepan Uthayakumar

President | RCFHA

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