Parent’s Corner

We’ve created this page as a way to help parent’s quickly find all of the information they need regarding our league, such as schedules, rules, equipment requirements, etc. without having to scour the whole site.

Got questions about the sport, the rules or equipment? Check our FAQ first:


Still have questions? E-mail us directly:

Things we can’t tell you:

  • Practice night/time/location – We do our best to get our coaches their preferred night/time/location to fit their schedules. We use this as part of our team assembly process using the preferred practice nights of the registered players in each division  however, we can’t always guarantee we can accommodate first choice. We likely can’t tell you the practice info until your child is placed on a team, usually by the end of September.
  • Team/Coach/Teammates – Our teams are formed following our league parity guidelines which include using player evaluation information and many other factors. For these reasons we cannot guarantee any team, coach or teammate requests. They will be considered but only after all other guidelines are met.

Want to learn about the rules or the governance of the league? Check out the Rules FAQ or the League Handbook:

  • RCFHA Rules FAQ – This short FAQ was compiled from some of the most common question we get from parents.
  • RCFHA Parent & Player Code of Conduct (Revised Oct. 2016) – Parents are required to print, read, sign and return the Parent & Player conduct before each season begins. Failure to return this to your child’s coach will prevent your child from participating in any practices and games.