About Us

About the League

  • The Richmond Cosom Floor Hockey Association has been serving the Metro Vancouver area, specifically Richmond, for over 40 years.
  • We typically register between 350 and 400 boys, girls, and adults ages 6 and up.
  • The season runs from early October through the end of February with a wrap up tournament in early March.
  • Girls and boys play coed through all and in separate divisions. Due to low numbers of girls registering it is no longer possible to form all girl divisions. But don’t worry it’s non-contact and we generally try to make sure girls are placed with other girls. 
  • Each team plays one game per week.
  • Team practices are held once a week at various elementary gyms depending on availability.
  • Younger divisions play at Gilmore Elementary while older divisions play at J.N. Burnett High.

The RCFHA emphasizes fun, healthy competition, good sportsmanship and most importantly safety. The RCFHA philosophy is:

  • Equal playing time for all team members
  • Play the puck, not the opponent
  • When the game ends, the competition ends

Our league depends on volunteers. All of our coaches, coordinators, scorekeepers and many of our referees are volunteers. Please consider stepping forward to help out by e-mail us at info@rcfha.org

About the Game

Floor hockey is a fast paced non-contact sport that is suitable for players of all skill levels. Here are some of the key attributes of the game:

  • The game is played indoors in Elementary and High School gyms.
  • Players use plastic sticks only with a plastic puck.
  • Games are usually around 1 hour with three 15 minute periods with 2 short breaks.
  • There are 2 defense, 2 forward, 1 centre and 1 goalie on the floor for regular game play.
  • There are 2 referees, 1 scorekeeper and 1 timekeeper for each game.
  • Defensive players must stay in their defensive zone during play.
  • Forward players must stay in the forward zone during play.
  • Centres can roam the entire floor.
  • Goalies play with limited equipment on their knees.
  • There are penalties and powerplays.

Please note that we are not affiliated with the Richmond Ball Hockey League. Their web site can be found here.

RCFHA Constitution & Bylaws

Below you can find our official Constitution & Bylaws as required by the Society Act of British Columbia. RCFHA is an incorporated non-profit society and as such we must follow strict government rules on how we are governed and managed. 

RCFHA Constitution – The Constitution defines the purpose and philosophy of our league and was set out when the league was first incorporated over 30 years ago. These principles still guide us today!

RCFHA ByLaws – The bylaws detail the overall governance of the league. Things like how we elect directors, what positions are required, how we conduct meetings and run the financial business of the league.

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