Marcel Doucet Scholarship

RCFHA is sad to announce that Marcel Doucet passed away in September of 2019. Marcel’s daughters requested that the Marcel Doucet Scholarship trophy be present at his memorial service which is strong reminder of the lasting memories and bonds that RCFHA and team sports can forge in our communities. Marcel embodied the RCFHA philosophy and we are proud to continue to honor his legacy.

At the end of each season, RCFHA will accept applications for the Marcel Doucet Award and Scholarship. This award is given to a player who has made significant contributions to the sport and the league, displayed a high level of sportsmanship and team spirit, all while maintaining the RCFHA philosophy. This award may not be given out every season. For more details see the full description and rules:

To apply for the Marcel Doucet Scholarship, please use the online application using the link below:

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