2021 Season Registration Opens Now!

Important Information about Registration:

Duration of Season

  • Practices start in mid-to-late February, games start beginning of March, subject to provincial health guidelines, Tournaments June 5/6th and 1213th

Cost for this Season

  • $80 for registration + $30 cheque deposit for your own stick (if you return the stick at the end of the season, you will get your cheque back)
  • COVID Refund Policy: If we are forced to cancel the season due to COVID-related issues, a refund will be provided based on the % of games/practice played.

Model of Play

  • Each player will have their own zone and will be provided with a face shield to wear while on the floor
  • Player will receive their own stick for the year, so as to not share any equipment
  • Coaches will be physically distanced from players and will be required to wear a mask
  • Safety Managers will be assigned to each team to ensure safety protocols are being followed
  • Players will be physically distanced on their team bench and must wear a mask while they are off the floor
  • No spectators will be allowed to attend
  • Contact tracing will be conducted
  • COVID participant agreement
  • For more information please view our safety plan on our website



  • When you click the “Register Now!” button below you will be taken to the registration page with the Active.com website to complete the process.
  • When registering, a parent or guardian must first create an account on the Active.com system. Once the account is created they may register their child or multiple children in the same family.
  • In order to register you must pay by credit card. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, the league will accept cheque payments with a $25 processing fee. To pay by cheque send your cheque in the amount of of the fee for the division you are registering for, plus $25, to the league with a contact e-mail. Once we have processed your payment we will issue a registration coupon so that you can register your child online and apply the coupon for payment. If you register your child and do not pay, they cannot be placed on a team!

Any division show in red indicates the division is currently full. E-mail registration@rcfha.org to be put on a wait list in case a spot becomes available.

Status Division** Year of Birth Game Times Fees


Mites 2012/2013/2014 Saturday $80.00 + $30.00 cheque stick deposit*


Jr. Squirts 2010/2011 Saturday $80.00 + $30.00 cheque stick deposit*


Sr. Squirts 2008/2009 Sunday $80.00 + $30.00 cheque stick deposit*


PeeWee 2006/2007 Sunday $80.00 + $30.00 cheque stick deposit*


Bantam 2003/2004/2005 Sunday $80.00 + $30.00 cheque stick deposit*


Adult 18+ n/a n/a
*cheque for stick deposit is returned to you at end of season when you return the stick.

**Divisions may be combined or re-aligned by ages other than listed above to adjust for registration numbers.

Please note:

  • Practice Days/Times:
    • Practice Days: Either Tuesday or Wednesday
    • Practice Time: Either 6-7 pm or 7:30-8:45 pm (generally Mites and Jr Squirts will get the 6-7 pm time slot)
    • There will be at least 30 min between each session for cleaning.
  • We cannot tell you what day/time/school your team will practice as the coach will request the gym that works for their schedule from the gyms we are given by the school district. We can tell you that practices will only be on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. PRACTICE DAY IS NOT GUARANTEED!
  • Adult division registration will not open until Provincial Health Orders have approved it (currently Adult sports are banned)
  • All divisions are coed (boys & girls)
  • Divisions may be combined or re-aligned by ages other than listed above to adjust for registration numbers.
  • Refund Policy: If we are forced to cancel the season due to COVID-related issues, a refund will be given based on the % of games and practices provided.
  • Note of Delaying Games: Please note that we may be forced to delay the start of games due to Provincial Health Orders. If this is the case, we reserve the right to delay the start of our games and/or schedule double-header games until the appropriate health orders are in place.

Are YOU Ready To Play?

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a good, safe holidays thus far. It has been an unconventional year thus far and that includes our RCFHA season this year. Thank you for your patience and your understanding through these tough times.

RCFHA is continuing their hard work behind the scenes in planning for a season, in whatever capacity that is feasible, yet remains safe for all participants involved, all while following the rules outlined by the Provincial Health Officer and the orders outlined by both viaSport and the BC Government.

We have received some positive news from the School District that dependent on our Safety Plans and the conditions of sport in BC, that we may be able to obtain the schools for a modified season. Our plans are to start practices in February and games in March with our modified, physical distancing model outlined on our website. We would end off with our Tournament in the 2nd week of June. This timeline would allow us to operate during the tail end of the flu season, and we’re hoping at this point, conditions will somewhat improve after the winter time. We understand that there may be some hesitance to sign up for sports, but we are hoping that are safety measures that we will implement, in addition to our later start, will help alleviate some of these concerns. Some safety features we plan to implement as a part of a season would include the use of face shields on the floor during play, the use of face masks off the floor, a modified playing surface to limit interactions with others, physical distancing at the team benches, no spectators being present at any of the events, and a Safety Manager assigned to each team to ensure proper adherence to the guidelines and rules. For more information and detailed rules and guidelines we plan to follow, please visit our website (rcfha.org) or view the following safety plan attached.

Based on this timeline and our safety plans, we want to gauge the interest among potential registrants as to whether they would sign up to play for a season this year, based on the information provided. The link below is a link to a very short survey to help us gauge this interest. Please consider filling this out so we can have a good idea of the level of interest.

Link to the survey: https://forms.gle/7ntFTf2s7FxE2wnC6.

Thank you for your time and have a Happy Holidays!

Piradeepan Uthayakumar

President | RCFHA

Updated COVID Safety Plan

Hello all! Hope you all is able to enjoy a more quiet Christmas season, celebrating within your own family. Despite the changing policies, our executives has been working hard and have put together and got approval of a new and updated COVID safety plan that will allow us to move forward with Cosom Hockey.

The latest updated information is available here: RCFHA Season Safety Plan

Stay safe, stay fit!

The Wait Continues…

While the world holds its breath on the final result of the US election, we too have been waiting for the final approval and facilities for Cosom Hockey to get started! Just a short update to all that our exec has been working tirelessly to put a safe and fun season together, we are still subject to circumstances beyond our control. And until “all the votes have been counted”, we will remain optimistic on our path forward!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay fit!

The Game Plan!

Yes, we got a plan to move forward with the 2020/2021 season! ViaSport and the BC Government have announced we are in Phase 3 of Return to Sport, which allows us to have league play and competitions within sport cohorts with modified games and matches. We have completed our Safety Plan for the season and submitted to the City of Richmond for approval.

Basically we have set out multiple options, starting the season with practices and exhibition games. Our plan is to start the regular season next year and wrap up a bit later than usual toward May.

The game play would also be modified. Here’s some proposed floor plans for the gym:

You can see the full detail of the proposal here:

Also additional information on our COVID-19 response page

Note: This plan is subject to change and can be modified at any time in order to reflect the changing pandemic conditions. This is not a set plan but rather a proposal, and we will be continuing to work with the city in order to ensure league safety is maintained.

Playing 6 Feet Apart!

Social distancing in the new reality suggest we stay 6 feet apart. Can we still play hockey staying a couple of hockey stick away? Of course!

Well, strictly speaking, as we have mentioned in our COVID response, the executive has been working hard on modifications of the game play that will allow us to continue to have fun while staying safe and following the proper protocol. We have been looking into using different equipment, using face shields or mask, trying different zone plays; lines drawn and redrawn.

We did some trial runs with different ways of playing and organizing. Considered how it might impact the different age groups, and what changes to our rules are needed to accommodate the differences in play.

Here’s one model we are considering. With more distance, we guess you just have to work on that passing game!

We will be submitting our final proposals to the city for approval, following the required team sports guidelines. We are hopeful we will have an fun, albeit modified, season coming this fall and early 2021.

Stay tuned for the latest development as we have them. In the meantime, stay safe, stay fit!

It’s Been a Long Journey!

by Piradeepan Uthayakumar

The Richmond Cosom Floor Hockey Association (RCFHA) currently has a coed children’s league and a recently formed Adult division, where most of those children who grew up continue to play in today. But this is not how RCFHA started off – in fact RCFHA was not even named “RCFHA”. Here is the story about how RCFHA has evolved into the Association that it is today.

One of the original all girls team

Originally, the Association started off as a purely girls league, named The Richmond Girls Cosom Hockey Association. The motivation for this Association was to create a sporting league for girls playing softball to keep active during their off-season. The Association was created in the late 1970’s, and two of the main purposes outlined in the Constitution at the time were to “…provide athletic recreation… and regulate competitions”, as well as “…promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and respect…”. These ideals that the Association was created upon have been the fundamental concepts that have kept the Association alive to this day.

Soon after, boys divisions were included in the Association in the late 80’s, and Cosom Hockey began to become popular amongst the boys. At this point, the Association consisted of separate boys and girls divisions. Although operating as both a boys and girls league, it wasn’t until 2002, that it had been decided to formalize the change to our current name – Richmond Cosom Floor Hockey Association.

Slowly, the number of girls playing in our Divisions diminished until it was no longer viable to continue with separating the girls and boys, and so in 2016, our divisions had become coed. To this day, we still have a number of girls playing across our divisions, but we hope to bring these numbers back up. In addition, our Adult division was started at the same time, in order to allow recently graduated players to continue playing on through their adulthood. This division is one of our most popular, and has increased in numbers year over year.

Today, we are at a point where our coed divisions and Adult division are going strong. Our updated rules, new technology, and new equipment have also brought us forward to the 21st century, and have attracted new participants and kept many of our returning players coming back.

We hope that we can bring up more interest in Cosom Floor Hockey with not just the girls, but everyone, so that one day, we can return to offering more divisions to play in. If you know of anyone who may be interested, or even someone who wants to start getting active, please recommend our sport. It can be a great starting point, or even an additional way to stay active in other sports’ off seasons.

Some of our future stories will also include the changes and advances we have made in the game of Cosom Floor Hockey. We hope that this will keep you interested in RCFHA, and hope that our new advances will attract new and different folks to try out our sport.

Stay tuned for updates on our plans for registration!

Do you have a story about the history with RCFHA? Send them to share (with photos too if you have them) to webmaster@rcfha.org

Stay safe, stay fit, and stay tuned!

Happy Canada Day!

Today we celebrate the 153rd birthday of our nation of Canada. And what’s more Canadian than hockey!

But do you know, when and where hockey came from? Actually hockey’s origins are indeterminate. Indeed, the very definition of the game is at debate. Some observers accept as hockey any pastime where participants on skates use a club, or other wooden implement, to knock a ball or some such propellant about. Others say an activity cannot be recognized as hockey unless it is a contest between teams and conducted under an accepted set of rules.

The earliest recorded reference, according to the Canadian Museum of Civilization, is in the journal of Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin, where he notes that “on October 25, 1825, men from his party skated and played hockey on Great Bear Lake.”

The International Ice Hockey Federation has endorsed a longstanding Montréal claim. It is based on documented evidence, in newspapers, of a specific game between two teams of identified members and a recorded score. The match was played at the city’s Victoria Rink on March 3, 1875. No earlier descriptions of an actual game of hockey with a recorded score have ever been found. It ended, incidentally, in a brawl!

Regardless of it’s origin, there is no dispute Canada has made hockey it’s national game. Just about every boy and girl have dreams about being the next Gretzky or Wickenheiser. Does you kid have what it takes? Not sure if you’d want to make the full commitment? Or you simply just want to child to have fun playing the Canadian game? Why not try out cosom floor hockey! It’s less demanding, focus more on fun, yet the skills you learn can help you lay some solid foundations for any other levels of hockey! Richmond Cosom Floor Hockey Association, run by volunteers, with parents and players just like you, is fully committed to putting together a program that will be engaging, fun and enjoyable for all ages! Even in light of the current COVID-19 situation, just like any other professional sports, we are still committed to put together an exciting season.

Registration for the 2020/21 season will be opening in September. Watch this space and don’t miss it! You can contact president@rchfa.org if you have any questions.

Stay safe, stay fit, and stay tuned!

Move it!

From the spectator stand on stage at the gym came the shouts, “move it! MOVE IT!” That might be the picture you would have of the over zealous parent egging their kids on at the game. You might think, “hey buddy, that’s just a game!” That’s what I’ve always thought too…until my son got involved in the Richmond Cosom Floor Hockey Association!

My older son, Evann, started to get involve when he was in grade 2 in the Mites. We thought it might be a better way for him to spend his time instead of being in front of a screen. He was a small boy for his age so tend to be out powered to the larger kids. What’s more, when he first started with game, he didn’t seem to have any idea or sense of going after the puck. He’d just seem to be standing around, waiting for the puck to come to him! So as he played more games and his team wasn’t doing as well, I might get a little over zealous and just want him to just move around! That first season, I think his team lost almost every game! But of course, that never phased him and we thought he is learning. Learning to be a team player, learning new skills, learning to win and (mostly) to loose gracefully. And most importantly, how to have FUN!

It all started somewhere…

That first season was actually tough in other ways. We were still living in Vancouver while our boys were going to Richmond Christian. On practice nights, it was impractical to go home after school and then come back out for practice and we ended up eating at the local food courts at least once a week. But we stuck with it for another season. We eventually did move to Richmond which made things easier, and we kept at it year after year. That first season was 2011, and now, almost ten years later, we are still at it! It’s like when you find a good thing, you aren’t going to let it go!

…and how fast they grow!

Evann has certainly grown as a player, from the first season where he didn’t seem to know where he was, to the last season where he was among some of the top league players, and even starting to learn to ref, as many of his peers are learning to do. We must credit his growth to the countless volunteer coaches he had over the years. For their dedication to the game, and never let “what is” get in the way of “what could be”. And most of all, allowing the kids to have fun!

Well, this coming season promises to be a little different than the past, but we are still looking forward to getting our boys off the screen and on the gym!

Do you have a story about how you or your kids benefited from playing cosom hockey? Send them (with photos too) to webmaster@rcfha.org

Stay safe, stay fit, and stay tuned!

2020/2021 Season: Are you ready?

Have you and your kids been stuck at home for too long? Are you looking forward to our new season of exciting floor hockey?
The 2020/21 executives and coaches are working hard to see how the coming season will work.

Plans are in place and we are waiting for school board and city approvals. We are expecting registration for a modified 2020/2021 season soon. Thank you for your patience!

Stay tuned and watch this place for the latest details shortly!