Welcome to the Richmond Cosom Floor Hockey Association (RCFHA) website! You landed on this page from a link on the Richmond South Delta Minor Ball Hockey Association web site (

We are not affiliated with Richmond Ball Hockey however, we cross advertise our leagues because they are a perfect fit for hockey players looking to have a longer season. Here are some quick facts:

  • Our seasons do not overlap. In fact, Ball Hockey starts about 3 weeks after the Cosom season finishes. Our season runs from mid-October and wraps up the first weekend of March.
  • Every season many of our players jump straight over to Ball Hockey. For some Cosom is a great warm up to Ball Hockey and for others, Ball Hockey is a way to extend their Cosom season.
  • Cosom is played in Elementary and High School gyms in Richmond only.
  • There is only one practice and one game per week.
  • There is no travel outside of Richmond for Cosom and once practices and game schedules are set they rarely change.
  • We are the lowest cost team sport in Richmond and equipment costs are minimal. Jersey and photos are included!

If you are interested to learn more about our league, please browse our site. A good start point is the Parent’s Corner and FAQ pages. If you have specific questions you can’t find answers to feel free to e-mail us at